Unsteadiness [noun]

Definition of Unsteadiness:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unsteadiness:

Sentence/Example of Unsteadiness:

And he laughed aloud, a laugh of utter confidence in spite of all its unsteadiness.

There was no trace of unsteadiness in her voice and her eyes were dry.

There was no unsteadiness in his tone, no trace of emotion, as he stood up before her.

No doubt his unsteadiness is nervousness and not vice, and is the result of an accident.

She even thought she detected an unsteadiness in the hand that held his pipe.

The only thing against it is its unsteadiness in the event of side-slip.

Every part of Him is in harmony with the whole: in Him there is no unsteadiness, no insecurity.

The Hero of Barrosa rowed us all most terribly for unsteadiness.

An unsteadiness of gait was obvious in some of the feasters.

There was a hint of unsteadiness in his voice when he finally spoke.