Immaturity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Immaturity:

Moore also raised concerns about the immaturity of the adolescent brain, as Bernard was 18 at the time of the crime.

"She's got to be talked to like a baby," she thought, with a feeling of compassion for Miss Hatchard's long immaturity.

Thus the mental immaturity resulting from Science is supplemented by the financial immaturity resulting from System.

She had sent her thoughts out into the world, in their innocent and passionate immaturity, bare and wild.

They call for the display of the virtue of patience which is not one of the virtues characteristic of spiritual immaturity.

The fat person expresses his immaturity also in that he likes to be petted, made over and looked after.

Due to his immaturity, the fat person gives little thought to anything save those things which affect him personally.

Her coltishness and a certain heavy, naïve immaturity had fallen from her.

Should she never become consciously unhappy that would be but another symptom of permanent immaturity.

The condition of childhood in our human sense, the long period of immaturity, is a social condition.