Infancy [noun]

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It’s easy to take for granted now that very few babies in rich countries die of disease in infancy, that most infectious diseases are treatable, and that there are vaccines available when we need them.

In the large-scale structure of the universe, theorists see signs of an explosive growth spurt during the cosmos’s infancy.

At first, when online ordering was in its infancy, these services were a boon.

Lab-grown meat is still in its infancy, and lab-grown plant material is even more nascent.

It is like watching someone rapidly rewind into infancy, decades of experience and knowledge eroding over the course of a final 10 years or so.

Further, the major market commercial opportunities are at their infancy.

It’s not often that a team lands a top-four draft pick in three consecutive seasons, as the Thunder did in their infancy.

For now, both social neuroscience hyperscanning and social prediction algorithms are in their infancy.

While still in its infancy, quantum computing is seen as the key to radically improving the processing speed and power of computers, enabling them to simulate large systems and drive advances in physics, chemistry and other fields.

The technology is in its infancy and largely limited to prototypes and demonstrations.