Derangement [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Derangement:

The number of derangements for N objects is commonly written as !

By the term delicate is understood any chronic derangement of health.

The coroner's inquest found that she had drowned herself while in a state of mental derangement.

A Derangement in my stomach which seemed of the bilious kind determined me to return to town in search of advice.

It was comparatively easy to do this, for the derangement was not at all violent in its form.

Moreover, against this high average of intelligence must be set an equally high average of mental derangement.

These evidences of a social derangement recalled the necessity of religion with its moral power.

They are still more so to grown up people, as they generally arise from a more serious derangement of the system.

It does not seem that this can produce much appreciable derangement in the configuration of the system.

Of such there had been several instances before it became necessary to supply the deficiency arising from Henry's derangement.