Hysteria [noun]

Definition of Hysteria:

state of extreme upset

Synonyms of Hysteria:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hysteria:

Sentence/Example of Hysteria:

Over the weekend, a GameStop store in Maryland illustrated the disconnect between the Wall Street hysteria that has sent the company’s stock price to dizzying heights and the video game retailer’s real-world struggles.

The ensuing hysteria led to sheriffs’ offices and firefighters wasting critical time and resources on nuisance calls.

Given the risk of misinformation before and even more important immediately after the election, anything that tamps down the hysteria out there is particularly needed.

I’m just trying to make sure the … numbers match the hysteria and that’s not the case right now.

So that’s been my kind of push and effort to make sure we do things smartly, common sense, avoid the hysteria, get people back to work and get people healthy at the same time.

Its internal uses are in hysteria, and 136 in such conditions as diarrhoea, dysentery and cholera.

The walking may simulate paralytic forms if hysteria is mixed with the neurasthenia.

There is no direct connection between hysteria and the disorders of the sexual organs.

The Tarantism so common in Italy from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century is another example of epidemic hysteria.

There are numerous theories formulated to explain hysteria; some are ingenious, especially that of Janet, but none is convincing.