Apoplexy [noun]

Definition of Apoplexy:

loss of consciousness fromblockage in vein or artery

Synonyms of Apoplexy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Apoplexy:

Sentence/Example of Apoplexy:

William Oxberry, the comedian, died by apoplexy, the consequence of over living.

He has taken my dedication with a stately silence that has surprised me into apoplexy.

It has often been noted that people who suffer from apoplexy may have peculiar affections of their memory.

After several attacks of apoplexy, he was conveyed to the military hospital, where in a brief period he died.

And the Nabob loosened his cravat about his neck, swollen like an apoplexy by his emotion and the heat of the room.

Sir Wycherly had actually been seized with a fit of apoplexy.

Some said it was gout in the heart; probably it was a fit of apoplexy.

In the midst of this festivity he was struck down with apoplexy.

A little more serenading, and it was clear he would be better acquainted with the apoplexy.

He told all present to remember and witness this, in case of an apoplexy before his new will could be written down.