Pessimism [noun]

Definition of Pessimism:

belief in bad outcome

Synonyms of Pessimism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pessimism:

Sentence/Example of Pessimism:

His pessimism about his play caused him to exaggerate the enormity of his offences.

He was acquainted with that more or less literary form of pessimism.

Away, for the time, went Jed's pessimism and his hopeless musings.

In other words, she may have married Mr. Jackson in a fit of pessimism.

His disbelief and his pessimism were identical in their structure.

We have found that, properly understood, there is nothing in it to evoke our pessimism.

It stands for hate—also for gloom, depression, pessimism, etc.

Turkey's entrance into the European concert fills him with pessimism.

The superintendent did not take the pessimism too seriously.

Of all forms of pessimism, the metaphysical form was, for a historian, the least enticing.