Silliness [noun]

Definition of Silliness:


Synonyms of Silliness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Silliness:

Sentence/Example of Silliness:

The silliness of a thing doesn't matter if it makes you laugh.

Well, well, youth's the season for silliness, but there's bounds—there's bounds.

She's kind-hearted and that makes her put up with Rachel's silliness.

Used to call it silliness and a waste of time, I did—worse names than that, generally.

The silliness of the situation burned her sense of the incongruous.

After I had to warn you a month ago, I expected that silliness to stop instantly.

It is to be doubted if any county has a monopoly of silliness.

"The silliness of that statement will occur to you in a while," he said dryly.

You aint so unprofessional as to remember all that silliness against me, are you?

But there is another and a darker side to this matter of Summer silliness.