Craziness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Craziness:

“That's crazy, that's probably one of the games that got me here,” Winston said in a news conference Friday.

That astounding arboreal vision inspired a dream, a fantasy, a crazy idea that I’ve been unable, or perhaps unwilling, to shake.

Little issues like a squeaky lid, heavy materials, or poor lip-to-lid interaction can potentially drive you crazy over tens of thousands of sips.

In big cities like New York and Los Angeles, rental searches are also dropping like crazy, as people acknowledge “all of the downsides” of urban life—higher costs of living and closer quarters—with few of the mostly social upsides, he said.

I let my mind go crazy, and I started smoking again like an idiot and I very much regret it.

Then Jenna and Allison were able to look up Amelia’s journals and make this crazy list.

If they don’t align with our values, they might go do something crazy.

The system is a glimpse into the future, featuring 8K resolution gaming, 4K resolution at high frame rates, crazy-fast load times, and ray tracing, which was previously only possible on high-end PCs that cost thousands of dollars.

We had prepared a lot of memos on things like reconciliation that now we’re going to have to file away unless something crazy happens in the Senate.

Our lack of them probably has something to do with how Southern California didn’t have a growth spurt until decades after Northern California sprouted like crazy during the Gold Rush.