Psychosis [noun]

Definition of Psychosis:

mental illness; foolishness

Opposite/Antonyms of Psychosis:

Sentence/Example of Psychosis:

In some exceptional cases a genuine neurosis or psychosis may develop.

If you have a psychosis, you behave in response to delusions or hallucinations.

She was seventy-eight this year, clouded by senility along with the psychosis.

Then, at the engagement dinner of the brother, the psychosis broke out.

There is, further, the history of a delusion of death during the onset of the psychosis.

For seven years prior to the psychosis she worked for the same company as clerk.

The psychosis, Dagonet says, is not pure but more a mixture of hypochondria and depression.

Here the development of the psychosis is often an aid to diagnosis.

When well she had a complete amnesia for the onset of the psychosis.

Fifth, alcoholics are likely to develop extreme jealousy, which may become pathological, even to the extent of a psychosis.