Paranoia [noun]

Definition of Paranoia:

emotional disorder

Opposite/Antonyms of Paranoia:


Sentence/Example of Paranoia:

Their wives then become martyrs, especially in cases of alcoholism and paranoia.

Nrana did not know the words for delirium and paranoia, but he could distinguish between them.

He thought the paranoia was an improvement over the wider madness.

Many of our crowd-phenomena belong, like paranoia, to this last class.

And all the while eyeing the new and the foreign with the paranoia that is the result of true guilt.

The paranoia may not always follow the course mapped out for it.

Paranoia occurs a little more commonly in females than in males.

"It is not any form of paranoia," said the planetary doctor, contemptuously.

Paranoia involves a sensation of grandeur, not to be shared.

Its evil potency is greatly enhanced by the facility with which it weds alcoholism, and breeds tuberculosis, cancer, and paranoia.