Zealots [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Zealots:

He realized that Strom was a zealot, and he knew he would not hesitate to kill.

But thrice woe to the artisan who makes himself the zealot of the Dogma!

The old man's voice was again the rapt and fiery utterance of the zealot.

I observed the trial of a zealot who had been burned for heresy.

But the zealot Solomon Petit met with unexpected opposition.

He was so "obscure" that he was publicly excommunicated by the zealot Boethius.

From the polite interviewer he turned into the zealot who preaches a holy cause.

Into this morass Wolffert flung himself with the earnestness of a zealot.

"I think I should have known her for a zealot even without that," he said.

I sometimes envy the zealot with a definite mission in life.