Indignation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Indignation:

The walk to the Senate chambers didn’t resonate with rage or righteous indignation.

Like Strickland and Egger, she is motivated by indignation at the lack of options for new parents.

For years, the president recast CNN as the centerpiece in his aggressive “fake news” campaign, and CNN relished the attention while feigning indignation.

But for the delinquency of his son, she had ocular demonstration; and her indignation was hardly to be repressed.

It was generally lauded by Spaniards, whilst it filled all classes of natives with indignation.

Which latter circumstance he begged Mr. Perker to note, with a glowing countenance and many marks of indignation.

Any exaggeration into which a feeling of indignation happens to betray the accuser is instantly pounced upon.

England proclaimed a rough indignation at the demand for Gibraltar, which Austria had made in behalf of Spain.

A burst of indignation within seemed to do more for him than the outward buffetings.

Great had been her indignation at the want of respect shown to the Reverend John Dodd's cloth.