Hostility [noun]

Definition of Hostility:

antagonism, meanness

Synonyms of Hostility:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hostility:

Sentence/Example of Hostility:

Such government hostility toward people of faith has no place in a free society.

It claimed its armed forces had destroyed 26 Armenian tanks since the hostilities began on Sunday.

It’s a perfect storm of know-nothingism and just a general, always-on level of hostility.

Yet at the same time, renormalization’s hostility to microscopic details works against the efforts of modern physicists who are hungry for signs of the next realm down.

Long-term Dunedin data indicate, for instance, that undercontrolled kids provoked hostility in parents, peers and teachers.

In Coronado, however, an effort to reform school policies to improve the experiences of students of color is being met with hostility and opposition by a group that includes leaders of a local church.

He was looking at me with eyebrows arched, curiously, and there was a faint suggestion of hostility in the set of his mouth.

Thine is the spirit of universal liberty and love—of uncompromising hostility to every form of injustice and wrong.

In 1811 the growing hostility of Russia required the attendance of the Prince of Eckmhl at the headquarters of his command.

The hostility with which he regarded this group of composers had its origin in his distrustful attitude towards society generally.