Spleen [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Spleen:

Which speaks of an intemperance in the splenetic parenchyma; that is to say, the spleen.

And there's Saunders, who talks about nothing but his spleen.

As you will; let us go indoors by all means, for this moon gives me the spleen.

On April 19, 1888, the spleen was removed, the wound healed by first intention.

The most recent work on extirpation of the spleen for tumours is from Hartmann and Vasquez.

The spleen has not the least connection with ordinary leucocytosis.

This, with many other benevolent acts, served only to excite the spleen of his adversaries.

We seem gay, but at bottom we are devoured by spleen and a raging appetite.

In this fit of the spleen he went to the theatre: there were eleven people in the boxes.

Dan Sullivan let no chance pass to vent his spleen on Larry.