Lien [noun]

Definition of Lien:

right to dispose of property

Synonyms of Lien:

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Sentence/Example of Lien:

The tax code sets guidelines around what it calls extraordinary collection actions, which include lawsuits, garnishments and liens for unpaid hospital bills.

The agency, he added, is “not issuing new garnishments or liens at this time” and has also requested discretion to waive PUA overpayments.

Others garnish tax refunds or paychecks, put a lien on properties and bank accounts or even take claimants to court.

Approval also means a business status check into litigation history, including past judgments and previous liens filed against it.

Republicans in the Florida Senate, led by Brandes, pushed for a version of the law that would have permitted felons to vote once a judge converted the debts to civil liens — a common practice once a felon is no longer imprisoned or on probation.

A corporation has no lien on its stock for the indebtedness of the owner unless conferred by charter or statute.

He has a special interest or property in them, and a lien thereon for advances in money that he may make to the owners.

A garage keeper is generally allowed a lien on an automobile for storage and repairs.

A vendor or seller of property, may have for the money he is to receive a lien, which is nearly the same thing as a mortgage.

A subsequent purchaser would be affected by this lien, however innocent he might be of its existence.