Gentleness [noun]

Definition of Gentleness:

intentional mildness

Synonyms of Gentleness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gentleness:

Sentence/Example of Gentleness:

When he returned to the hotel he kissed his incongruous room-mate with the gentleness of a woman.

My child, said the Dowager, and her eyes dwelt on Valerie with a look of studied gentleness, "why will you not be reasonable?"

His former reputation for gentleness and moderation was injured; and scoffers cried triumphantly: "See, even he also!"

With a grace and a gentleness beyond compare, he closes the door of night and greets the waking world with a smile.

There was neither guile nor vanity in the girl's heart, nor a trace of deceit in her face; only gentleness, truth, and beauty.

The patience he showed, and the gentleness—yes, and the strength and firmness, when these were needed.

The young man's face suddenly changed, and assumed an expression of ineffable gentleness.

What other passion than frenzied pride can render men so ferocious, so vindictive, so devoid of toleration and gentleness?

A great weakness seemed to overcome him, for an unusual gentleness came into his voice, the quiet tone of weak convalescence.

Gentleness is lovely always, wherever found; but it appears most lovely in children and youth.