Hardness [noun]

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Despite being a mere 7 percent of the overall thickness of the exoskeleton, the calcite coating at least doubles the exoskeleton’s hardness, the team found.

Each pencil has a built-in lead hardness indicator, so you always know what you’re picking up and putting to paper.

Those atoms and the way they are arranged affect a polymer’s properties, such as its hardness or melting temperature.

It is of an exceedingly hard, densely compact nature; from its hardness difficult to work, but susceptible of a very high polish.

All things are come upon thee, because of the multitude of thy sorceries, and for the great hardness of thy enchanters.

We have learned so much lately about self-denial, and crossing one's own inclinations, and enduring hardness.

A man from whom everything is torn at one blow; a man of not very strong character, not accustomed to endure hardness.

But those who loved him best saw the stony hardness of his face, beyond anything that came after the great stroke at St. Julien.

She looked away from him and then down and about her forehead and the slender lips the lines drew in hardness.

It was not only her tea-set she lamented, but the hardness of life wherein any creature should be worried down and caught.