Animosity [noun]

Definition of Animosity:

extreme dislike, hatred

Synonyms of Animosity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Animosity:

Sentence/Example of Animosity:

Conservatives have long lobbied for the Postal Service to give way to private and market options and now, the president’s animosity to mail-in voting has fueled conspiracy theories that he is trying to suppress votes.

Since 1994, Pew Research Center has asked Americans about the amount of partisan animosity they held.

Hilda impetuously turned her head; their glances met for an instant, in suspicion, challenge, animosity.

The animosity to the Dutch mingled itself both with the animosity to standing armies and with the animosity to Crown grants.

Animosity is resolute even in its caprices; it has few facilities for disguise and but little capacity for assumption.

There was therefore not the same animosity in their struggle as there might have been had the religious question entered it.

Frederick's animosity reached its highest pitch at that time, and we now know the full extent of the malady.

The animosity still exists, perhaps, but it will at least be passive henceforth.

People of the same nation and the same blood were seeking each other's destruction with a deadly animosity.

The untrained body leaps from devotion to animosity, from obedience to open rebellion, in a moment.