Bitterness [noun]

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Her recent analysis already shows that caffeine, theobromine and epicatechin, which all produce a bitter flavor, can help set apart one country’s chocolates from another’s.

Tandoori-marinated fish and chips, avocado fried rice, and cocktails spiked with ingredients like cardamom bitters and lemongrass liqueurs keep things familiar but still adventurous.

At London’s American Bar at The Savoy, a housemade salted chestnut liqueur is the star of the Radio Hurricane cocktail, which also contains bourbon, Pedro Ximénez sherry, dry vermouth, toasted oak bitters, and lime.

That’s right, the bitter rival of his hometown University of Texas.

Some known taste cells respond to only one compound, for instance, detecting sweet sucralose or bitter caffeine.

So the scientists monitored the brain to see if it received bitter, sweet or umami signals when mice lacked a key protein needed for these broadly tasting cells to relay information.

Most humans don’t register these chemicals as intensely bitter, but supertasters do.

Bernard sat thinking for a long time; at first with a good deal of mortification—at last with a good deal of bitterness.

A pang, a bitterness that lasted for a day or for a year—and the gap would be filled again by some one else.

He recalled the old bitterness and the old antagonism, and for a moment he almost lost his temper.