Acerbity [noun]

Definition of Acerbity:

bitterness of taste

Synonyms of Acerbity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Acerbity:

Sentence/Example of Acerbity:

Some of Hills acerbity may have been absorbed from Richardson, hurt by the writers silence.

(p. 505) "I would add that the above message lost none of its acerbity by the manner of its delivery."

The old maid, who is far from an attractive example of her tribe, is looking venom and acerbity personified.

"Thank ye kindly," the big man replied with some acerbity, and plunged out into the darkness and rain.

"No, and you wasn't tellin' me that you had a bill of sale of the fixin's and furniture," replied the Cap'n with acerbity.

But never in my life before or since have I tasted anything comparable to that olive for pure, unadulterated acerbity.

What had passed between her and Mr. Arabin had not, alas, tended to lessen the acerbity of her spirit.

Since his pen first wrote, a shining acerbity like the glint of a sword-edge has never deserted the literature of the capital.

Instead of heeding this witness she went on with acerbity: "It might surely have occurred to you that something would come up."

In spite of the acerbity of Mr. Tyrrel's feelings, it is probable, however, he did some justice to his rival.