Estrangement [noun]

Definition of Estrangement:

destruction of affections

Synonyms of Estrangement:

Opposite/Antonyms of Estrangement:

Sentence/Example of Estrangement:

For income, Lala braids hair along the beach, estranged from Wilma, who has sniffed the corruption on Adan and turned her face away.

Absolute estrangement had followed the birth of their child nearly twenty years ago.

Though Castiglione thus brought him fresh honours, it nearly caused an estrangement between him and his chief.

Marmont indignantly refused to go in such a capacity, and a permanent estrangement nearly took place.

These discussions ended in an estrangement, for some time, between the two cronies.

There was a scene, however, which particularly marked the moment when in the life of this husband and wife estrangement began.

Her state was bliss; and yet, through it all she had a sense of estrangement from herself, and of things closing round her.

As they approached the house where he and Laura lived she had an increasing sense of estrangement from him and of distance.

The world was almost too gray, too grim, too horrible for Houston even to remember that there was an estrangement between them.

And that insufficient colloquy was the beginning of a prolonged estrangement between us.