Fever [noun]

Definition of Fever:

state of high temperature or agitation

Synonyms of Fever:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fever:

Sentence/Example of Fever:

When you get a fever, your heart rate tends to increase, even before you notice other symptoms, so it can act as an early warning system.

Yellow fever, a mosquito-borne hemorrhagic disease that is common in South America and sub-Saharan Africa, annually infects about 200,000 people and causes an estimated 30,000 deaths.

The two cats that died were among four that had developed severe symptoms, such as jaundice and high fever.

A high dose of the vaccine produced severe side effects such as fever in 9 percent of volunteers, but a lower dose produced a severe side effect in only 1 percent of people.

It can scan people coming into an area to see if they have a fever.

Only two ever got a fever, the most common symptom in other studies.

Day by day these fretting anxieties and perplexities wasted her strength, and her fever grew higher and higher.

Père Bracasse was ill, suffering from rheumatism, bronchitis, fever and corns.

When Stanhope entered to him, he found his guest lying on a sofa, in a high state of fever, both from his wounds and agitation.

If the fever ends by crisis, the crisis is accompanied by a rapid and striking increase.