Frigidity [noun]

Definition of Frigidity:


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Sentence/Example of Frigidity:

When Barbara entered lady Ann's dressing-room, she greeted her with less than her usual frigidity.

Nothing against the earl in that direction, apparently; unless his countess was blest with the density of frigidity.

He did not dislike his relative himself and in fact rather liked him in spite of the frigidity he sometimes felt.

This tantalizing message—the first breaking of her recent silence—was saucy, almost cruel, in its dry frigidity.

We may assert, also, that the Bible saves education from frigidity.

The audience was mute, frigid, and their frigidity seemed to increase.

But the divine Julia gave him a look and a smile that were warm enough to make up for much maternal frigidity.

Madame Caille, throned at her counter, received her visitor with unexampled frigidity.

He welcomed her confidence as a sign of relaxation from the frigidity of her earlier demeanour.

Indeed, beneath the frigidity, the hurt child had howled itself into a frightened silence.