Unrest [noun]

Definition of Unrest:

state of agitation; disturbance

Opposite/Antonyms of Unrest:

Sentence/Example of Unrest:

The sound disturbed him, bringing premonitions of the city's unrest.

Italy in 1899 was passing through a period of humiliation and unrest.

This was a realm of unrest and tempest, which the devils claimed as belonging to themselves.

It was not the rights or wrongs, or the significance of it, that inspired his unrest.

Hassim had learned also that the Settlement was in a state of unrest as if on the eve of war.

They reflected 22 in their unrest the dissatisfied expression of her face.

I had a peculiar sense of unrest and of some evil coming to us during the night.

It is this absence of faith that is at the bottom of all their arguments and all their unrest.

And as time went on, the unrest deepened which possessed him.

And with it, swift as the wind, comes a dreary sense of unrest.