Paradise [noun]

Definition of Paradise:

land, feeling of great pleasure; absence of evil

Synonyms of Paradise:

Opposite/Antonyms of Paradise:


Sentence/Example of Paradise:

It caused them to fight for the sole possession of this Paradise upon Earth.

Such ideas as Paradise, Adam and Eve, and angels, are getting obsolete.

What a paradise this would be for the botanist in spring, or for the portrait painter!

This farm was the nearest he would ever come to a paradise and on it he would be his own God.

"I modestly but freely told him what I thought" of Paradise Lost!

The first day in the old house seemed to her like new birth in Paradise.

But to Amelia, his look had all the sweet familiarity of faces we shall see in Paradise.

Whatever Saddleback might have done, Tito would live in no fool's paradise.

This Gowan when he had talked about a Paradise, had gone up to her and taken her hand.

This was called the paradise, around which was a covered ambulatory.