Inscrutability [noun]

Definition of Inscrutability:

puzzle, secret

Opposite/Antonyms of Inscrutability:

Sentence/Example of Inscrutability:

Also, in contrast to bigger algorithms, whose inner workings are largely inscrutable, the algorithm’s simple architecture allows researchers to peer inside and audit its decision-making.

Death is paradoxically inscrutable yet unequivocal, but anger and fear are just squirrelly.

I’ve always had complex, inscrutable dreams, but the pandemic seems to be turning the dial up to 11, as if I’ve been microdosed in my sleep.

Then, for the first and only time, the black and white mask of Jimmy's inscrutability melted away.

In religious enterprises, we are apt to fall back on the sovereignty and inscrutability of God.

With a countenance whose inscrutability alone was a threat, Victor took out and conned the telegraph form.

Moreover, she was slightly staggered by the strength and inscrutability of his countenance, the repose of his bearing and manner.

To all his comments, heated and otherwise, Jack Pollock opposed the mountaineer's determined inscrutability.

Eudemius's dark face never changed from its graven inscrutability, but his thin hands clutched the scroll tighter and let it fall.

Now the Sheriff's features lost some of their usual inscrutability and for a moment became hard and stern.