Rune [noun]

Definition of Rune:

spell, magic

Synonyms of Rune:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rune:

Sentence/Example of Rune:

On the top of the armring there was a small fingerring with a rune graved upon it.

In the Kalevala it is a bee that brings the honey which restores Lemminkinen; Rune 15, 530.

The fourth rune was the Rune of the Green Trees and of all things that grow.

The seventh rune was the Rune of Death, from the quenching of a gnat to the fading of the stars.

The eighth rune was the Rune of the Soul that dieth not, and the Spirit that is.

Is the boy of so much importance that I must carve his rune on a separate stick?

What is the rune that is said for the throwing into the sea of the sins of the dead?

Their voices were like the rune of the heart of the forest, like the music of deep streams.

To effecte which, they resolved to rune a high course, and of great adventure, not knowing otherwise how to bring it aboute.

Into these deepe sumes had Mr. Allerton rune them in tow years, for in ye later end of ye year 1628.