Aggregation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Aggregation:

They form big aggregations, and they come to the surface in the nighttime.

Some of these resources involve Herculean feats of data aggregation from governments around the world.

Toutiao, for example, is the top news and information aggregation app in the country, with 275 million monthly active users.

He says there’s a chance that the background odors of gregarious locusts could interact with 4VA to amplify the aggregation signal.

SherloQ, powered by IBM Watson, makes the aggregation of data easier in real-time.

There are few species whose association is above that of mere aggregation in flight.

All the above matters show how difficult it is to expect a community spirit in any area which is just an aggregation of houses.

The human family is an aggregation of families; and the family, not the man nor the woman, is the unit of the state.

Kingsville was a splendid aggregation of one house and a long platform.

A single group or aggregation of lesions or an area of disease.