Single [adjective]

Definition of Single:

alone, distinct

Opposite/Antonyms of Single:

Sentence/Example of Single:

He had united them and he had made them the first of all nations to worship a single God.

It is a single round, low tower, shaped like the tomb of Cacilia Metella.

He was rich and he was willing to take the daughter without a single penny.

They are not the principles of a province or of a single continent.

The bare reference to a single consideration will be conclusive on this point.

Their ignorance, with the single exception of horse-flesh, is appalling.

The deep gloom that had overshadowed the land had been relieved by one single ray.

In our own single manhood to be bold, Fortressed in conscience and impregnable.'

But, O my dear, the single life is by far the most eligible to me: indeed it is.

But this application has not met with the attention of one single soul.