Indivisible [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Indivisible:

The entire universe is made up of indivisible bodies having no magnitude.

Not being subject to motion, it is indivisible, incorporeal and not subject to time, as above.

Success was inevitable: nineteen, a number indivisible and chaste above all others, seemed specially designated.

The first word, sing, is an indivisible phonetic entity conveying the notion of a certain specific activity.

Subject conceiving, in communion with Object conceived, are one and the same indivisible fact, looked at on different sides.

Totum necessarily implied partes: but the Unum per se was indivisible or implied absence of parts.

Atoms, for many years regarded as the ultimate indivisible particles of the chemical elements.

The community, in that case, becomes itself the unit, the indivisible atom of existence.

It is an honor to belong to the party that swore that this is a Nation forever, one and indivisible.

Treitschke, following Rousseau, lays down the axiom that the power of the State is indivisible and inalienable.