Sole [adjective]

Definition of Sole:

alone, singular

Synonyms of Sole:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sole:

Sentence/Example of Sole:

It caused them to fight for the sole possession of this Paradise upon Earth.

Through the teaching of Moses he was to become the sole Master of the Jewish race.

"Spoils the hoof to put the knife on the sole, Buck," said the smith.

Their sole experience of prayer was connected with the South End Mission.

His sole business was to take the girl away when the interview should be ended.

His sole ambition just now was to fix the crime definitely on the perpetrator.

And of this you are to be the sole judge, though there were fifty witnesses to the contrary.

I swear that, laying aside all other ends, to that sole purpose I will devote my days.

And did you see what a look he gave Plimmins, when he joked about his indifference to his sole?

Cooke, on the other hand, declared that his sole object was to make a fortune from the scheme.