Remaining [adjective]

Definition of Remaining:


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Sentence/Example of Remaining:

They filled two bottles they had remaining with the precious fluid.

Among the remaining symbols is the cross of four equal arms.

And, as for my own pleasure, I shall best consult it by remaining precisely where I am.

Nor is Battle Abbey the only remaining monument of Hastings.

The remaining four and a half companies continued to advance.

Ulysses took command of the remaining twenty-two men, in person.

The idea of remaining in the brig was unpleasant to me, and I had thought of quitting her for some days.

Moreover, there are few now remaining who of their own memory could controvert or correct me.

Now the four remaining Dyaks were advancing upon the two men.

Take it up as soon as it is done; remaining in the water will discolour it.