Superintendence [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Superintendence:

Upon me little by little had devolved the superintendence of affairs.

And now, who is to have the superintendence of the country, and what shall be the arrangement?

Translated from the French under the Superintendence of the Author.

This is superintendence;—looking over the condition and progress of the scholar.

These impressions must have been taken by himself, or, at least, under his superintendence.

They will not go on, however, without proper care and superintendence.

The tower of Babel was built by hundreds of men under no superintendence.

He said that, as he had been intrusted with the superintendence so far, he should continue it to the end.

These were eventually constructed from his designs and under his superintendence.

The whole is under the direction and superintendence of a chief factor, or chief trader.