Prescription [noun]

Definition of Prescription:

formula, medicine

Synonyms of Prescription:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prescription:

Sentence/Example of Prescription:

Duncan, alone in the store, was busy behind the prescription counter.

I want details of the new process—the prescription, in fact.

I cannot give you the prescription because it is a trade secret.

Von Holzen had destroyed the prescription before her on purpose.

At the end he made a note in his card-index and wrote out a prescription.

You say you'd be out of your mind in a week, if you adopted my prescription.

Of course I should have realized that no advice or "prescription" could help me.

I began to lose faith in the "prescription" which he had promised so emphatically.

"You are going to take my prescription, after all," he crowed.

I'll send you a prescription for his heart, if he breathes too heavily.