Interdependence [noun]

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One episode in particular emphasizes the team’s interdependence.

In Greece the principle of the interdependence of language, metre, and musical sound was carried very far.

Whether we will or no, this demographic law of interdependence of nations can not be escaped.

Thus sovereignty decreases according to our law of the interdependence of States.

To him it illustrated "the interdependence of those Sciences which the Geographer should study."

The harmony of organs and their mutual dependence are the results of the interdependence of function.

This should not be carried too far, or rather the necessity and beauty of interdependence should also be taught.

The relation and interdependence of the several classes is emphatically proclaimed, and the claims of duty are urged upon each.

In brief, the understanding of the interdependence of reason reveals the unreasonableness of the demand for independent reason.

The elements of geography serve to emphasise the interdependence of men—the very earliest lesson in civic instruction.