Interconnection [noun]

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This problem is so intractable and interconnected across the world.

Entangled quantum particles can retain their interconnected properties even when separated by long distances.

For example, Mucor circinelloides is a fungal species with interconnected, pressurized networks of rootlike hyphae through which nutrients flow.

The implications are vast, since liquid metal can also be used with electrodes, interconnects, and antennas.

No date was provided for when the 16-mile line interconnecting Montgomery and Prince George’s counties would begin carrying passengers.

It is merely necessary that some interconnection be actually experienced and that its relations be directly apprehended.

This fact of the universal interconnection of things contradicts the untrained prejudice.

By recognizing the logical interconnection between peace and strife, the dispute of the parties is rendered saner.

Now let me illustrate the interconnection of all things, or the world-unit, by discussing the question of causality.

They are theoretical classifications which in practice are operative only in the universal interconnection of things.