Correlation [noun]

Definition of Correlation:

equating, equivalence

Synonyms of Correlation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Correlation:

Sentence/Example of Correlation:

Predictive systems in general will be more accurate if they can reason about cause and effect rather than just correlation.

Experiments in monkeys suggest that this is more than a correlation.

His team reported causal evidence for this correlation in a November 2019 paper in Scientific Reports.

They were able to visualize correlations between all pairs of qubits and even uncovered long-range interactions between qubits that had not been previously detected and will be crucial for creating error-corrected devices.

Johnson has researched into the correlation between fatality projections and election outcomes.

Once in a while correlations are good, but in general, they can also be really misleading.

Historically, the best correlation studies regressed thousands of search factors against page one rankings in an attempt to understand the primary drivers of SERP performance.

Experts object, however, that this is a correlation without a mechanism.

So I’d have to pull back and say there is a correlation there but no, I can’t say for sure that’s the trigger.

So we have a very strong correlation between the number of sneezes, so it could be that they’ve already decided and they’re clearing their nasal passages to leave.