Disconnection [noun]

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More than grief, I experienced a sense of disconnection from an experience that seemed central to my life.

These younger investors espouse a proud disconnection from a system that explicitly serves “Boomers” and exploits young adults.

Looking for a cause, experts have explored the effects of home and school stresses, social media, cellphones, disconnection and lack of sleep.

In collecting the information, Pallone said lawmakers could seek to authorize additional stimulus aid, including a potential “prohibition on disconnection.”

Would then make the necessary disconnection and proceed on one side.

In this case a set of valves or dampers permits the disconnection of the fan or its connection with the ash-pit.

The lighting of both lamps associated with a cord circuit is a signal to the operator for disconnection.

It remains now only to secure the disconnection of the subscribers after they are through talking.

Prompt disconnection was improved enormously by the introduction of relay manual boards.

The fracture or disconnection of the eccentrics, or any of the slide-valve gear.