Interrelation [noun]

Definition of Interrelation:

connection; friendship

Opposite/Antonyms of Interrelation:

Sentence/Example of Interrelation:

Of course the exception to this otherwise uniformly uncongenial Anglo-American interrelation was the regime of the Commonwealth.

But chance is only one pole of an interrelation, the other pole of which is called necessity.

In other words, the close interrelation between the rate and the minimum was a matter of great commercial importance.

The moving picture industry—said to be the third largest in the world—is based largely on this interrelation.

Its result is the following precept: In all things always remember the universal interrelation.

But logic so far must be blamed for not rising to the recognition of the interrelation of all things.

Applied to natural science, this means that it misunderstands the interrelation of all its fine discoveries.

A By means of which we picture and explain the monistic interrelation of all things, called universe, nature and cosmos.

The Italian fresco-painters, from Giotto to Tiepolo, never lost sight of the interrelation between painting and architecture.

We are born with the gentler and kinder impulses bred by long social interrelation.