Dependency [noun]

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Humans also have slow life histories relative to many other species, with long periods of infancy and childhood dependency.

These transformer systems in the BERT world are becoming ubiquitous, however this quadratic dependency issue with the attention mechanism in BERT is well known.

So we’re seeing a lot of applications that their dependency on fast processing of data is becoming very important to them.

The LSA algorithm, which drives the cost-per-call market, has significant advertiser dependencies.

These were the businesses some observers said would struggle to survive without ads on Facebook such is their dependency on the social network for revenue.

Occasional gifts do not prove dependency, yet purely voluntary contributions may establish dependency.

On our arriving at the next village, a dependency of Father Ambrosio's, we were invited into the house of the commandant.

He died regretted, in the year this dependency was colonised.

It was the pinnacle from which hung as a dependency all the eldest of families.

The revolt of one great dependency brought with it a threatened revolt from another.