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The Majesty on high has a colony and a people on earth, which otherwise is under the supremacy of the Evil One.

Hamo in alluding to the early cultivation of tobacco by the colony, says, that John Rolfe was the pioneer tobacco planter.

This was in 1616, when the colony numbered only three hundred and fifty-one persons.

Soon after that, I wrote you in regard to the condition in which we found this infant Church and Colony.

William Penn, published in England his frame of government for the colony of Pennsylvania.

Edward Winslow died; one of the first settlers of Plymouth colony, Mass., and afterwards its governor.

He removed to America with the first settlers of the colony, and was their governor thirty years.

His paper commenced in March, 1803, in the 15th year of the colony, and was the first Australian periodical.

At this juncture lord Delaware arrived with three ships, 150 men, and plenty of provisions, and settled the colony.

The colony accompanying Gosnold fixed upon a place of settlement, on the western part of Elizabeth island in Narraganset bay.