Conjunction [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Conjunction:

The company announced its first product soon after — a $400 “Driver Bag” designed in conjunction with the Portland-based bag company, Chester Wallace.

The intelligence gleaned from those actions is then used in conjunction with our own psychological weaknesses to get us to watch more videos, share more content, see more ads, and continue driving Big Tech’s money-making engine.

For example, perhaps there’s a topic in your niche that is discussed a lot but never in conjunction with data.

Eighty percent of the world successfully relies on plant medicine for its primary health care and uses it in conjunction with allopathic medicine.

Its Super Mario sets, for example, can be played in conjunction with an app.

PWAs speed up the purchasing process when used in conjunction with accelerated mobile pages and server-side rendering.

The consequence of this was far-reaching, for Victor, like Ney, refused in future to work in conjunction with Soult.

It was in conjunction with Mr. Booth that my father constructed the 'Rocket' engine.

This place occupies the site of a Roman camp, which, in conjunction with Burgh Castle, guarded this part of the coast.

He was the second king of the eighteenth dynasty, and reigned in conjunction with his father Seti for sixty years.