Analogy [noun]

Definition of Analogy:

agreement, similarity

Synonyms of Analogy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Analogy:

Sentence/Example of Analogy:

A more homely analogy is that of the relationship between a statue and the clay it’s made of.

The joy produced by lip-syncing on TikTok and sharing with friends has, for many, produced a passable analogy to the fun of a $40 session at a karaoke box.

It’s useful to make an analogy with electromagnetism, which we think of as a force mediated by a particle called the photon.

Despite the frequent analogies, today’s AI operates on very different principles to the human brain.

Dr. Butler, the theologian and author of "The Analogy," was born in the town and this house is still to be seen.

Analogy, it must be confessed, is against Reaumur's opinion; since other kinds of silkworms make their escape by means of a fluid.

Analogy of physical processes (cutting and burning) appealed to by Sokrates — does not sustain his inference against Protagoras.

Analogy between Cognition and Pleasure: in each, there are gradations of truth and purity.

Analogy with Anthoceros confirmed him in his views on the reproduction of ferns.

Bishop Butler worked twenty years incessantly on his "Analogy," and even then  was so dissatisfied that he wanted to burn it.