Simile [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Simile:

The simile of an Indian fight returned to Dick with increased force.

There is no other simile that will express his state of mind.

I feel the rage of simile upon me; I can't talk to you in any other way.

He laughed at this simile, and continued: 'I shall be all new again.

Blanche, who was extremely dainty as to what she touched, quite appreciated this simile.

Sallie does not mind an extra word or two to strengthen a simile.

In rhetoric, a direct and formal comparison is called a simile.

Clare could not help smiling at the simile, and bent down her head.

"Your simile is not a good one, Mr. Pett," retorted Brereton.

If he had alluded to him as an incendiary bomb, there would have been more sense in his simile.