Similitude [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Similitude:

But Jabez had not forgotten the similitude of the swine ring.

There was a similitude in their genius and in their sufferings.

What is the similitude then between the beauties of sense and that beauty which is divine?

For if there be any similitude the respective objects must be similar.

Who ever yet hath seen it, who has heard of the similitude of it?

They are to be “polished after the similitude of” that most splendid of structures, “a palace.”

Here too we have games, but with a dissimilitude in similitude.

Resemblance, relation, or equality; a similitude of ratios or proportions.

The reason or rate of a section is thus: The similitude doth follow.

And the similitude which stamps them all, is also a feature worthy of study.