Semblance [noun]

Definition of Semblance:

aura, appearance

Synonyms of Semblance:

Opposite/Antonyms of Semblance:

Sentence/Example of Semblance:

The lawyer, therefore, leaned forward with a semblance of frank eagerness.

It was merely a semblance, which effaced itself; the vanishing of an illusion.

The yards, taken as a whole, have some semblance to a real garden.

We shall have him,' he cried, ridding himself of the semblance as hastily as he had assumed it.

The semblance of a trial followed; he was condemned and transported to Cayenne.

It was she—it was her arms and necks which gave that semblance of amorous vitality to her fruit.

He had schooled himself to a semblance of stoicism when he reached his office.

Sudden and quietly as an apparition it came, but it bore the semblance of Romeo Gonzaga.

By the very fiend, disguised in the gross flesh and semblance of a Dominican brother.

But no snarl, nor semblance of a snarl, emerged from his lips.