Equivalence [noun]

Definition of Equivalence:

sameness, similarity

Synonyms of Equivalence:

Opposite/Antonyms of Equivalence:

Sentence/Example of Equivalence:

With subtlety and a solemnity reflecting key events in Claire’s past, Evans offers a powerful refusal of the false equivalence.

There is no decision on so-called equivalence, which would allow firms to sell their services into the single market from the City of London.

Many scientists suspect that the new theory will violate the equivalence principle by an amount too small to have been detected with tests performed thus far.

Last year, the EU withdrew equivalence from Switzerland, effectively prohibiting the trading of EU-listed securities there.

Riehl hopes that their reframing will make higher category theory accessible to more mathematicians while offering new insights into why the mathematics of equivalence is so powerful.

The several forms of energy are interconvertible, and possess an exact quantitative equivalence.

Written language is thus a point-to-point equivalence, to borrow a mathematical phrase, to its spoken counterpart.

Those of most other countries have either not yet been fully studied or their exact equivalence remains undetermined.

The experiments of Rumford, Davy, and Joule were instrumental in establishing the equivalence of mechanical energy and heat.

The exact equivalence between the mechanical energy lost and the heat produced is the thing to be especially noticed here.