Manufacture [verb]

Definition of Manufacture:

build, produce

Synonyms of Manufacture:

Opposite/Antonyms of Manufacture:

Sentence/Example of Manufacture:

The quarrel was none of my manufacture, and it was not my business to explain it to him.

I was impressed not so much with the speed of the manufacture as the character of the factory.

In 1840, was commenced the manufacture of stationary and land steam engines.

In 1863, he commenced the manufacture of white lead, on a limited scale.

Water-power was used, and the work of manufacture began at once.

The manufacture of delft ware was known to have greatly enriched Holland.

Why should not the manufacture of porcelain equally enrich the Elector?

"Not in the manufacture of poetry, I'm afraid," she laughed.

The same process has been applied at the other end of the manufacture of sugar.

She came running to me with a suggestion for economizing in the manufacture of the relish.