Alignment [noun]

Definition of Alignment:

lining up

Synonyms of Alignment:

Opposite/Antonyms of Alignment:


Sentence/Example of Alignment:

People have different fictions of the world and sometimes they are pretty brutally out of alignment.

Importantly, Outbrain’s profits are achieved in alignment with our publisher partners, while standing by all of our commitments to them.

Once the disk was split, the inner ring was free to swing around the stars, settling into its skewed alignment.

From my subsequent conversations with the team, it seems like there will be alignment lights to help track when the charger is aligned with the device.

Blade alignment stays where it needs to be, thanks to the one-touch lock feature on the slide fence.

It then analyzes the energy released as these protons snap back into alignment with the magnetic field.

They are in perfect alignment to start, and they lift their feet practically in exact time one with the other.

To have the pipe in true alignment, the hangers must be hung and placed in line.

In the column of squads, each rank preserves the alignment toward the side of the guide.

Deployed lines preserve a general alignment toward the guide, as prescribed in par.